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It’s not our mission to proclaim the Gospel, but neither is it our task to demolish it. And we do have popish roots, even if we hereby solemnly promise not to lock your precious soul away in a tabernacle, might you drift off for a moment. We won’t do that, but all the time we will be full of paradoxes. We joke about practically anything and everything, including things we are dead serious about. We’re not dead set on destroying traditional views but we do take scientific evidence and historical insights seriously (but not for granted.) It’s no use, in our opinion, to deny the known truth because the catechism (let alone the current mood of the pope) presupposes something different. They both have a tendency to change rather regularly, by the way.

That doesn’t mean that the university has taken over the task of the magisterium. Academic theology has its fads and crazes, just as any human institution has, and its dogmatic episodes too.




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