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Design and Music

Nobody in their right mind would ever hire Father Hugo as an interior designer. He mocks noble simplicity, wickedly wallows in garishness and everything he touches turns into steampunk. For his online courses he (virtually) loots every museum he knows of (and he knows of quite a few.) If he wants to illustrate something, he seldomly chooses the images you would expect. Instead, he’ll present you with some obscure painter whose works are only kept in the attic of the Musée Municipale de Montmirail or some such place. We are well aware that this all doesn’t sound attractive in the least. However: strangely enough his carnivalesque style actually helps most people to learn things. He calls it Educational Aesthetic Shock™ and sincerely believes it to be an indispensable asset.

Something similar is also going on with the music. He composes everything himself and produces it too, somehow. Some of his pieces sound as if he hired a symphony orchestra to record them and some as if he attacked a symphony orchestra to record them. We have trouble explaining it, so please feel free to use the player below for some examples (at your own risk, goes without saying).

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